Communicating with Style:


Gifty Pomaah.

In today’s hectic world, we rely heavily on sharing information, resulting in greater emphasis being placed on having good communication skills, especially in public. Being able to communicate effectively is a vital life skill and should not be overlooked. It can be a presentation at work, giving a speech, or even a small talk at a PTA meeting. Would you be able to deliver effortlessly in such situations?

The Public Speaking and Professional Presentation is a tailored training for all. This workshop scheduled for Wednesday 22nd of June 2022, takes place at the Christ The King Hall opposite the Flagstaff House, Accra from 8 am to 12 noon.

The four thematic areas are; Controlling Stage Fright, Corporate Communications Strategies, Crafting Persuasion & Influential Skills, and Creating Results Driven-Contents.

Controlling stage fright: It is common for some people to feel a degree of nervous apprehension when preparing to speak up or perform in front of a group. Public speaking is almost a necessity in our daily lives, especially in the corporate world. It is recommended that you learn skills to reduce and manage your fear and anxiety and not resort to using medication. Stage fright can be controlled through various means. This session will highlight some of the causes and remedies for controlling stage fright.

Corporate communications strategies: A Corporate Communication Strategy is the framework used by organizations to plan out communication with employees, customers, suppliers, and investors. Businesses are always dependent on sales and marketing. Marketing has many purposes, including introducing products and services, increasing a company’s brand awareness, and driving sales. Marketing can’t accomplish any of its purposes without effective presentation. Effective face-to-face marketing is backed by good public speaking. How do you manage your communication with your clients? Are you getting the results you want? You might want to consider improving your communication strategies. If you are a corporate executive, this training is tailored for you.

Crafting Persuasion and Influential skills: It is a proven fact that, people engage more in presentations that tend to catch the audience on emotional levels. Customers are always driven by conversations that provide a solution to their problems. This presentation is set to give participants the necessary skills of igniting a yearn from their audience.  Your ability to persuade clients to buy into your pitch, product, or service can be a game-changer.

Creating results-driven content: Stand out from the masses by differentiating yourself and your business with captivating content that draws your potential and existing customers in. Why settle with content that does not drive in sales and increase revenue or land you a contract? As a business or individual, you must create unique, special, but still, informative contents that will be in the minds of your audience. How, do you achieve this?

This module will provide a step-by-step guide to presenting yourself and your business in a mind-blowing way that will make you memorable.

Our resource person for the sessions is an expert and individual with first-hand experience in public speaking as he has been presented with many opportunities to showcase such dexterity.

Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh is a communications strategist with a BA in Psychology from the University of Ghana and an MA in Development Communication from the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

He has served as head of protocol at a diplomatic mission, corporate affairs officer at a French multinational agribusiness, and events & media correspondent for a digital ad agency. He just completed a study for certification in senior Human Resource Management with the HR Certification Centre.

Samuel has completed the required sessions for the Labour Law Masterclass with the HR Certification Centre.

He is a toast for organizations on relevant topical areas such as Emotional Intelligence for Leaders, Personal Productivity, Mastering Digital, and Customer Service Excellence.

Samuel has provided pieces of training for organizations such as the African Regent Hotel, Accra City Hotel, Olam Ghana, Bidvest Microfinance, Silverbird Cinemas, SoccaBet,  REIME Group, and Firstrock Microcredit. He is an author of bestselling books including; Mastering Digital, Hello Intern, and Career Advantage.

This all-important workshop is made possible by Role Model Africa. Some organizations that have participated and found Role Model Africa trainings insightful include: Promasidor Ghana Limited, Olam Ghana, Allianz Life Ghana, Firstcode Management Services and Empire Domus, Bidvest Microfinance, Saka Homes, and HR certification Center among others.

You can register yourself and your organization for the Public Speaking & Professional Presentation by contacting or +233203433177.