Sales Management, Customer Behavior & Profiling, Client Requisition, and Digital Sales were some of the highlighted topics that were treated at the Airport West Hotel last Thursday, March 31, 2022, during the Sales Success Workshop organized by Role Model Africa.

It was a full day’s event which started at 9 am and ended at 4 pm with two sessions led by Bernard Kelvin Clive; a Digital Marketing Strategist and Mrs. Petra Aba Asamoah, a Marketing Practitioner and Author of Sales 101 respectively.

HR certification Centre, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Standard Chartered Bank, Allianz Insurance, Crown Insurance, A-Link Engineering Limited, DAN Nkansah Enterprise, Tema Development Company, Greenvine Ghana Limited, Bidvest Microfinance, Camden Pharmacy, Lumière Creatif are some of the companies that participated.

Selling is a skill, even though some natural traits predispose some individuals to be natural salespeople. The workshop highlighted the art of selling that must be learned, practiced, and mastered.

Bernard Kelvin Clive started with digital marketing where he lectured on the importance of digital marketing tools. He pointed out some features that do not serve their purpose on some websites and ways to make them better. The session got more exciting and interactive when an exercise was carried out to check out the websites of some participating companies. The turnout was very interesting as many realized their websites were down without their knowledge. Others were unsecured which gives an unflattering representation of the company to prospecting customers. Many thrilling revelations and remedies were made and offered.

Face-to-face marketing, the traditional way of selling seems to be phasing out. However, that seems to be a more valid and trustworthy option for the typical Ghanaian. Mrs. Petra Aba Asamoah shared some powerful tips that can help salespersons break the ice and facilitate rapport with new and prospective customers. She walked the participants through making a great sales pitch, handling butterflies and jitters, handling objections from customers, and ultimately, practical tips on how to close sales and maintain customers.

Role Model Africa is your choicest human capital development organization that prides itself in equipping your staff with pragmatic and dynamic skills through trainings designed to be interactive to churn out the best results.

Starting the year with the success of the Sales Success Workshop, the lineup of events for 2022 promises to be more insightful.


In this light, the schedule for subsequent trainings for 2022 is as follows;

Mastering Digital Summit: Scheduled for June, this will be the 2022 edition of the Mastering Digital Summit and will tackle the ways to understand the leverage consumer insights on digital platforms to turn your business around. This summit will help your business understand the metrics and algorithms on social media, and how they can lead to huge losses in percentage of the market share.

Business Strategy Forum: It is not only important for every business to evaluate its performance; it is necessary to do so to properly position for the next level financial year. Our trainers provide hands-on assistance to map out strategies that will position you as a leader in your industry. Gain access to the industry secrets that will make your business excel in the competition.  Join us in October 2022 for this all-important forum.


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