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Although the core of the publication is targeted at authors, bloggers and freelancers, copywriters and writers in general will find the insights shared applicable to their profession. The marketing ideas shared are not restricted to only people within the book publishing space or writing fraternity. For whatever product or service you market, this material gives pointers on how to make massive impact on your brand and business. This article focuses on marketing techniques to make massive sales.

In the previous article, it was acknowledged that writers could see marketing and distribution of their works as a nightmare. Reference was made to Sabri Suby’s book “Sell like Crazy”, where he encouraged his reader to be a marketer and a salesman; to be a real-life representation of their product. He notes how important sales is for a business to survive; it is the heart of the business. As the demands for the work is being met, that is what makes the lub-dub of the heart steady and stable. Sales can be made only when people know your product. How then do you make people know your products?

It is important to view your publication as a product just as big brands like Adonko bitters or Coca-Cola would creatively sell and market their products. Marketing is the preparation made to create awareness about your work. It can be likened to how ingredients are cut and prepared before being combined to make a sumptuous meal. Marketing involves what is being done to pave the way and draw attention to the work even before it is actually ready for all to see. These pointers would guide individuals on how to effectively market their work for massive sales:

  • Photography: Books can be marketed through photography. The power of a shared image creates more awareness than can be imagined. Individuals who purchase your works may be asked to pose with them and take pictures. This goes a long way to draw the interest of both those close to them and other people to also try it out. Influencers can also be used in this way to increase awareness and pique the interest of their large follower base. One can simply reshare posts by fans. It is important to ensure that the pictures are of high quality though otherwise it can negatively impact your work. In marketing my book “Mastering Digital”, this approach was employed.
  • Videography: This approach is similar to that of photography. It however employs a more detailed approach where the book can be reviewed chapter by chapter. People who purchase the book can be encouraged to do same and share. Videos have been proven to be more effective because they are more memorable than pictures. People are also more likely to share videos than pictures however, writers should note that making videos are more expensive than pictures. Large video sizes may however put people off from sharing so writers should take note of this point.
  • Endorsements: Endorsements by reviewers can be printed. This is usually done before publication. Endorsement after publication can be done on social media as well. People can be encouraged to comment and tag writers on social media. Graphics can be made with the endorsements and combined to make a video that can be shared. Third party endorsements have been proven to be effective and people may decide to purchase your book based on who has endorsed it.


  • Workshops: Workshops can be organized around the book; topical areas in the book can be broken down. This can bring you closer to the target audience. The book can be included in the cost of workshop and given to those who participate. In Ghana, Dr. Hazel Berrard organized a leadership workshop after writing her book, “Winning in the Jungle” and the workshop was centered on the book. Also, Rev Eastwood Anaba often teaches from his book when he preaches likewise Bishop Dag Heward-Mills. Other authors like Bola Ray and Comfort Ocran did the same.
  • Opening a Social Media Account: One of the ways to promote your work is to create a social media account. It is however advisable to link the account to that of the author. Promotion can be done on the page through paid adverts. This will ensure that the page appears on the feed of others. International authors like Dean Graziosi and Sabri Suby have active social media pages for their books. Social media pages can be boosted and targeted at the right audience.


Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh is a corporate trainer and professional ghostwriter  assisting busy executives to write and publish their books, articles, and speeches. He has served as Head of Protocol at a diplomatic mission, Corporate Affairs Officer at a French multinational agribusiness and as Events and Media Correspondent for a digital ad agency.


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