A Successful Journey Into The World Of Digital

The Mastering Digital Summit organised by Role Model Africa successfully took place on the 25th November, 2021 at the African Regent Hotel. Owing to the fact that the world of digital is fast gaining grounds, organisations and individual who want to continue staying relevant have had a need to explore this space to be able to catch up, hence the need for this summit. It was an all-day training from 9am to 4pm and with a time of networking between participants over some breakfast.

Some of the participating companies included Promasidor Ghana. OLAM Ghana, Ace Medical Insurance, African Regent Hotel, and Lumiere Creatif.

Though this was a day’s event, participants were excited about the many insights they gathered from the sessions. The general consensus was that indeed, mastering the world of digital can accrue some level of success for businesses and brands.

Distilling insights from the book ‘Mastering Digital’, the training focused on four thematic areas; Brand Positioning, Sales Conversions, Ads & Promos and Platform Building. Bernard Kelvin Clive, lifestyle entrepreneur and brand strategist at BKC Consulting handled the discourse on these areas.

The sessions were not only informative but interactive and engaging as well, as BKC took the time to review the digital presence of all participating companies.

It was exciting yet disappointing for some participants to realise that their supposed customer service contacts provided on their websites or social media handles take hours to be answered.

All in all, the summit was an eye-opener as it provided the participants an opportunity to re-evaluate their brands and work processes to improve them for better results and higher sales conversion.

Role Model Africa has distinguished itself to be an expert at providing supporting roles for different companies. They are your choicest human capital development organisation that adopts training and mentoring to guide individuals and organisations to reach their fullest potential.

In this light, the lineup of events for 2022 promises to be more insightful as the interest from participating companies from their previous event in October, The Business Strategy Forum and the just ended Mastering Digital Summit have heightened. The schedule for the ensuing year are as follow;

Sales Succes Workshop: This will highlight the orientation and strategy needed to sell to today’s complex consumer. The workshop promises to bring to bay the modern ways of selling with clear blueprints to create and communicate value to your prospective buyer and will take place in March 2022.

Mastering Digital Summit: Scheduled for June, this will be the 2022 edition of the Mastering Digital Summit and will tackle the ways to understand the leverage consumer insights on digital platforms to turn your business around.

Business Strategy Forum: Gaining grounds as one of their flagship events, the Business Strategy forum will have key industry players discuss issues on gaining access to industry secrets that will make your business excel in this ever-competitive marketplace. Join us in October 2022 for this all-important forum.



For further information contact; info@rolemodelafrica.org