Mastering Digital: How powerful is social media, among other inventions?

A study and comparison of consumer products over the last two and half centuries highlights very important observations.


Alexander Graham Bell’s invention, the Telephone, took 75 years to reach 50 million people.


The radio seemed to be ahead, reaching the same number of users within 38 years.


And your television achieved such recognition in a reduced period of 13 years.


The internet, invented by scientist; Tim Berners-Lee reached the critical audience of 50 million people just within 4 years.


Facebook is today the world’s largest social media platform with over 2 billion users worldwide. Mark Zuckerberg’s invention of 2004 reached 50 million users in just 2 years.


This by far underscored the relative power of social media as a tool to reach a wider audience in a rather shorter period.


Facebook did this faster than all its predecessors, but thanks to the contemporaries of Facebook; Instagram reached 50 million users in 19 months. Yes, less than 2 years! YouTube did it in 10 months and Twitter in 9 months.


If you use or have access to any social media platform, you carry an unprecedented tool that has defined itself as one of the fastest means of communication in all technological inventions.


The coveted 50 million users mark has been attained by apps in more faster terms. Games such as Angry Birds and Candy Crush took less than 2 months each for the apps to be downloaded by 50 million users.

You do yourself a disservice by underestimating what yourself or organisation can achieve in this space. Anyone that ignores this powerful tool, sets himself or herself to operate on the fringes of the digital economy.

Everyone on social media needs to learn how to appropriate this powerful tool to establish value, visibility, influence and profitability.


  1. Value: Share contents that are relevant and insightful to your target audience and following.


  1. Visibility: Be seen. Show up on your timeline or status as often as possible. If people cannot find you online, they can easily extend business or gigs which originally were meant for you, to a competitor. Showing up has a way of keeping you top of mind.


  1. Influence: As you impact your following you get to direct some aspects of their spendingg, activities and loyalty towards you.


  1. Profitability: Your constant engagements on social media should be financially rewarding to you, either through direct money or brand equity.


These 4 critical success factors, when well handled on social media will serve as a guiding force to understand and make the most of relevant social media themes such as Platform Building, Brand Positioning, Sales Conversion and Client Acquisition. In a subsequent publication, I will throw more lights on how each of these thematic areas can be woven into your business. For more information on how to use social media to enhance your personal, professional and business growth, I recommend my book ‘Mastering Digital; Establishing Value, Visibility, Influence and Profitability’.


Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh is a corporate trainer, book publishing consultant and professional ghostwriter assisting busy executives to write and publish their books, articles, and speeches. He has served as Head of Protocol at a diplomatic mission, Corporate Affairs Officer at a French multinational agribusiness and as Events and Media Correspondent for a digital ad agency.

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