As someone who is not a huge fan of digitization, I am not particularly interested or enthused with any digital talk whether oral or written.  Do not get me wrong, I am big on applications and other tools which help us connect and make life and business easier and profitable. But I could not sit through a lecture on anything digital. To me it was a long, boring speech for the IT experts who understood digits and numbers. I had the same disposition when the author gave me a copy of Mastering Digital, a book aimed at leveraging and optimizing our use of digital platforms for business success. The book is centred on five thematic areas namely; platform building, social media management, sales conversion, ads and promos, client acquisition.

What struck me first was the chapterization. Instead of chapter 1, 2 in that order, the book introduces you to what the author terms ‘VVIP’. VVIP as he names the chapters stand for Value, Visibility, Influence and Profitability all of which are expounded in the introduction and further broken down in each chapter.

The review page of the book is very endowed with influential men and women giving their take on the book. To Tito Magero, a data engineer at PEG Africa, the book is “a good primer on how to start and frow your digital footprints and brand through leveraging on social media and mobile devices.”

From Equatorial Guinea, Lucas Escalada, a fashion designer says “I find that Mastering Digital highlights the blueprint every individual and or business needs as a fundamental in growing their personal and professional brands on the digital space.”

Stunned by the many endorsements, I decided to get into the book before me. Who knows, they could be singing praises of nothing. As the saying goes, “fine work is its own flattery.”

VVIP 1 zeroes in on the hard truth many of us are finding difficult to swallow; the pervasiveness of social media and other digital platforms. This VVIP fuses everyday observations that relate to everyone to explain how the Robots have been here with us all along. The author uses very simple scenarios to create an awakening effect.

The next VVIP is one that shook or threatened me in a bittersweet manner. This VVIP opened my eyes to my online presence, relevance and footprints. There is so much more to digital footprints than we know of. Even if we do, we ignore or brush it aside till we type our names in the Google search box and find close to zilch on whom we really are and our businesses.

KISS, the VVIP that takes you through the phases and changes social media has undergone and ways to make the best out of the current state of social media. The wealth of knowledge and insights in this VVIP will show you what it means to go viral and its effects on you, your brand and your business.

With every one having a social media account or more, this particular VVIP on -Enchanting Customers Through Effective Social Media Management is a must read. I literally read this chapter more than once. It gives great insights on attracting and keeping customers on your timeline, feed and story. For the rest of us who think ‘social media manager’ is a makeshift role, this VVIP is sure to enlighten us and open our eyes to the magic of the social media tool.

If you think you know just how important social media is, wait till you read this VVIP. Entitled ALTITUDE- Flying High On The Gains Of Digital Media, the VVIP is an eye opener and a clarion call. I was amazed with the glaring evidence and statistics right under our noses we have continually ignored. After reading this VVIP, I felt empowered and ready to take on the world.

With every game, there is a rule. VVIP 6 is the rules of engagement for the world of social media. To master the digital landscape, we must know and play by the digital philosophy that governs the space. Just as our businesses have structures, there is a structure and a science to social media we must all yearn to know.

Branding! The new yet old kid on the block. Though branding has been with us for a long while. Social media seems to have shaped its definition in recent years. It seems every business is lately focused on branding, be it the online shop, the shipping company etc. The VVIP on ‘Branding and Reputational Equity’ arrests your attention by linking the dots between between social media and our brands. Our brands must show forth their light on social media. I personally recommend this VVIP to all businesses, corporate bodies and individuals interested in building a solid brand.

VVIP 8, ‘A Brand Ambassador’s Role For Business Turnover’ dissects the Midas tainted touch, a brand ambassador could add to one’s brand. The phenomenon which is gaining waves in our business space is better explained. Beautifully weaved in the story of the iconic Shatta Wale and other celebrities, this is an interesting read.

VVIP 9 and 10 zero in on remote working. There is no better time to arm ourselves with knowledge, insights and experiences of remote working than now. The advent of Covid-19 has placed us in a tight corner where we have to quickly metamorphose and adapt. This VVIP is a life saver and comes in handy.

I found this book extremely resourceful. With the many relevant examples woven with humour, facts, science and data, one cannot help but stay glued to the end. I recommend this gift of wealth to individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate organisations to enrich themselves.

At the end of the book, I could better appreciate the words of Jonas Nyabor of Citi tv better. He said, “The world has gone digital, and so should you and your business. However, it isn’t enough to just go digital. You must strive to master it in order to leverage it for personal or business growth. Mastering Digital highlights some of the often neglected but useful digital information and tools relevant to give you and your business the needed value.”

The author; Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh is a corporate trainer, book publishing consultant and professional ghostwriter assisting busy executives to write and publish their books, articles, and speeches.

He has served as Head of Protocol at a diplomatic mission, Corporate Affairs Officer at a French multinational agribusiness and as Events & Media Correspondent for a digital ad aagency.

As you read ‘Mastering Digital’, you will certainly find the worth in reading some other interesting titles from Samuel including ‘Career Advantage’ , ‘Courting Greatness’ and ‘Hello Intern’.

The book is scheduled to be released on Friday, 26th November 2021 and will be available on Sayda hub,, Selar, Amazon, The book was published by Lumiere Creatif, a marketing communications and publishing firm.

Written by: Esther Wepia Kopiah