Toughen Up: The Benefits of a “Hard” Boss Training in Building Your Career.

Every career path comes with bitter sweet experiences; you will definitely experience the good, the bad and the ugly. All these shape you and train you in character and capacity, building you up to become outstanding in the future. One of such is the training of a hard boss.

No university or MBA program can teach you what your hard boss will. A job is not a vacation, it is not a honeymoon; the moments of discomfort are part of the process of refining you to do or become more than you imagine. Many people tend to leave institutions for this sake and miss a disguised opportunity to be molded in valuable virtues for life.

Your boss may be intolerable; querying you for the slightest mistake, reprimanding you for a delayed work, demanding you put in extra hours or even yell in fury when you don’t get things done to his expectation. Relax, don’t be too quick and led by your emotions to leave your organization when such happens. Compose yourself, take note of his complains, admit your wrongs, try again and again till you become better.

You may feel pressed down by a manager or supervisor; but that may be the tension you need to push you to the next level in your career. Everyone has a comfort zone of which they need to be pushed out of to unearth greatness. Situations and challenges definitely unleash more potentials in you, therefore do not deny yourself this golden opportunity. Rather think through these:

1. Gold was once refined in fire:

To be the best, exceptional, valuable, admirable and tough, you need to go through fire to be properly refined. Your fire might be the “pressure” mounted on you consistently by your boss. These are the training processes to bring out that exceptionality in you.

If you keep having a smooth and rosy experience at work always, you will never be pushed out of your comfort zone to explore other potentials. Take for instance, being a team member in the sales and marketing department, headed by a “difficult” boss. His countless push in diverse forms can make you explore other creative and innovative ways of hitting your target; pushing you out of your comfort zone. However, this will not be so if your boss is not hard on you for results. You will remain in your comfort zone and end up settling for lower levels because there has been no challenge to push you up. Hence, if you want to be gold, embrace that fire!

2. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger:

No matter the harshness of this training, it is for your best interest. There is the need to focus on the positives to motivate you to endure and value the process. No one has died as a result of such trainings, on the contrary, many have risen and gained the strength needed to make them who they are today. Ask any experienced business mogul for what contributed to their greatness and they will tell you a tale of the benefits of encountering a hard boss. Instead of ranting always, see this as an opportunity to build strength, hard work, tolerance and resilience for your career and life as a whole. Man up!


3. Tough bosses are your future heroes:

There is always a progression in the career of an individual. There may be a time you will need a very convincing recommendation to secure that role, position or grand opportunity. This is when you will remember that tough boss you had at a point in your life. If you benefitted from his training, then his detailed recommendation of you will be more than a savior.

Also, he or she may recommend you directly or speak very highly of you for promotions or other great opportunities which may come in the future. Nonetheless, if you mar such a relation as a result of their “harsh training”, you will be found wanting and clueless on whom to turn to when you need such help. Have your future in view always!

Truth is even when they mean it for your bad, it will turn out good for you. Unless your boss is abusive and inhumane, maneuver through and embrace this beneficial training!


>>>The writer is a corporate trainer and professional ghost-writer assisting busy executives to write and publish their books, articles and speeches. He has served as Head of Protocol at a diplomatic mission, Corporate Affairs Officer at a French multinational agribusiness and as Events and Media Correspondent for a digital ad agency. You can contact the author via: or